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blood storage center

We are blessed with a Blood Storage Centre in our own premises, and it has a very important and significant role in saving such patients’ lives. Not only it saves crucial time in emergency, it saves life of the patient and reduces the obstetrician's distress significantly.

Every third patient in our clinic is moderate to severely anemic. Out of 3000 patients delivered in 2009, almost 500 patients required blood transfusion. Utilization of 1500 blood units in one year itself says the story of the kind of the patients we handle and the importance of the blood storage center at our place.

Severely anemic unregistered patient in emergency is very common scene in the rural obstetric set up. Unexpected PPH and hemorrhagic catastrophes are very common, specifically in undernourished patient from a poor family. Such patients are always challenging to the treating obstetrician.

Mehsana Jaycees voluntary blood bank is our mother blood bank from where we get the tested whole blood units and PCVs. We arrange voluntary blood donation camps frequently so as to maintain the positive balance at our mother blood bank. We motivate the patient's relatives also to donate blood voluntarily so as to be helpful to other needy patients.

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