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Neha Mahendrakumar Patel, a young female of 22 years ( URN No : 2404 0416 1120 0636 1 ) from Visnagar, was a very talented girl, an artist working in the film industry, was the only earning member in the family, and was absolutely fine untill she got accidental burns injury ( nearly 60 % 3rd degree burns ) while cooking one day morning one year back. She could survive a fatal injury but with the deadly consequences of post burns contracture all over the neck , shoulder, upper arm, chest and abdomen, leading to completely dependent and helpless life. She could not move her neck and upper limbs, living a hard life. She approach many hospitals, but she had only choice to spend more than a lac Rs which she never was able to, or to live with the pathetic condition all throughout her life.

When she approached Alka Multispecialty Hospital on 01/01/2014 , it was apparent from her story that she was exhausted by many denials of the treatment. After a thorough examination, our Plastic Surgeon Dr Hiren Oza ( MS, MCH ) and the team Alka multispecialty Hospital took up the challenge to treat her and bring back smile on her face. It was apparent from the severity of the case that it was simply impossible to manage the case within the package provided by the RSBY. As per the policy of Alka hospital, it was decided not to burden Neha’s old father who was barely managing the survival of family working as a rickshaw driver.
After all the medical tests, it was decided to perform Flap reconstructive surgery with release of extensive contracture in the neck, and rest of the plastic surgery to be performed at the later stage. The extensive surgery was performed on the same day, i.e, on 01/01/2014. There cannot be a better gift for Neha and her family on a new year day.

Why this case was so unique ?

Difficulty in Anaesthesia :
Due to severely restricted neck mobility, it was impossible, to intubate the patient for the general anesthesia. It was decided to perform awake Intubation by spray and Go technique before giving general anesthesia. This is the skill which very few anesthetists have in the field of anaesthesia.. A senior Anesthetist Dr Shailesh Patel, ( MD, Anaesthesia ) has mastered the latest innovative technique to anaesthetize such difficult cases. It was only after he could perform awake intubation, the surgery was accomplished successfully.

Extensive Contracture: Lower jaw completely fused with the chest

After Facial Reconstructive Surgery:

Difficulty in the Surgery:

The disease of severe contracture had involved the whole neck extensively, both in the surface area and in depth. While doing this surgery, Dr Hiren could safely preserve the very important structures in the neck like Internal jugular vessels supplying brain,. recurrent laryngeal nerve responsible for voice and deglutition, , Thyroid gland and Trachea, and many other important structures. The Flap reconstructive surgery with extensive release of contracture with skin grafting done which lasted for 3 hours, and at the end of the surgery, all the movements of the neck was regained preserving all the vital structures.

Role of the Hospital:

Kheralu is a small town place. To avail such medical facility in such a small town is dream. Alka Hospital has taken up this task, and is offering such difficult, expensive surgeries at the doorstep of the patients. To be equipped for such big challenging surgeries, to develop human resources, to provide critical services with the consistency in quality care and to meet the expectations of the beneficiaries has become the mainstay of the hospital. Moreover, to offer such expensive surgeries in a small packages and even by bearing the extra expenditures by the hospital makes the RSBY scheme truly cashless for the needy patients.

Role of RSBY:

Medical expenditures are going out of the pockets now a days. Its all the more difficult to manage such critical medical conditions in the poor family. RSBY has always standby such patients. Neha could get her surgery done only because she was a beneficiary of RSBY scheme. Otherwise she would have opted for the miserable life as she would not have gathered more than a lac Rs for her treatment. RSBY has proved a "lifeline” for such patients. Few words from the patients and patient’s relatives : RSBY has saved not only Neha, but has saved her whole family. No words can describe the benefit of such a scheme, and we are heartily thankful to RSBY and Alka Multispecialty Hospital for such a wonderful humanitarian services."

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